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The NGO Taxi is a mobile humanitarian aid service vehicle. We are supporting non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social and cultural projects in South America with volunteers, knowledge and technology.

10 November 2013

NGO Taxi GOES Argentina!

                                                                                       Travel & Work with us!

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El Norte01 – 19 Feb. 2014                                                           El Sur: 24 Feb. – 17 March 2014

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What is the NGO Taxi South America? 

The NGO Taxi South America is a mobile NGO service vehicle traveling through South America.


What do we do?

We travel through various countries in South America helping local NGOs on the spot.
We transport invaluable knowledge and technology, relief items, volunteers and fresh ideas.
We identify and consecutively support local NGOs and social projects.
We bring NGOs together with volunteers.
We travel, explore and work in South America.


What will you do on one of our survey tours?

On our survey tours you will help us identify new social project sites. There are many projects out there but we want to know exactly which projects shall be supported.

This is why we need YOU!

You will come with us and help us locate various project sites to which we will then send volunteers, mostly needed goods and technology.
We follow a pre-determined route, stop at strategic hubs and drop you off with a thoroughly elaborated questionnaire. In small teams, you will then explore the area, make notes, talk to people and find those project sites who really need our help. You are the scout. Your opinion counts.

Having collected your valuable research data we will then meet up in groups again and evaluate your data before we head off to our next destination. In between, we will stop by, relax and enjoy some of the most beautiful areas in South America, go trekking, swimming, mountain biking or surfing. Simply put: Travel & Work.   

Which route do we follow?

Tour El Norte (19 days):

Buenos Aires - Rosario - Mercedes - Posada - Iguazu - Salta - Rioja - Mendoza - Rufino - Buenos Aires

Tour El Sur (22 days): 

Buenos Aires - Sana Rosa - Neuquen - Bariloche - El Calafate - Puerto Madryn - Bahia Blanca - Buenos Aires

Do you want to know more about our project? 

Please visit our web site www.ngotaxi.org or have a look how the idea for our mobile NGO service originated here.

Do you want to come with us on our survey tour?

Simply email us at info@ngotaxi.org and let us know a little bit about yourself and why you want to come with us. Please don't forget to mention your

    •    Full name
    •    Age
    •    Gender
    •    Nationality
    •    Languages spoken
    •    Professional / university background / pre-experience in volunteering / working or traveling abroad etc.

This allows us receive some first impression and see if you are suitable for the jobs and projects in terms of skills and capabilities.